L’editor: It feels like we only go backwards

By Apple Parry

When President Donald Trump ran for office, his campaign slogan and anxiety-inducing hats read, “Make America Great Again.” Allow me to translate what it actually says: “I want all my straight white male privilege back.”
On May 8, under the Trump administration, Alabama’s female mayor passed a law banning abortions no matter the circumstances. This includes incest and sexual assault.
On top of that, any doctor who performs an abortion could be sentenced to up to 99 years in prison.
However, if this is the first you’re hearing of this, you’re bound to be unaware that legislators have been doing their best to chip away at abortion rights since they became legal. Continue reading

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Travel – My experiences as a foreigner in Japan

By Madison Roper

“Baka gaijin!” is something my brother, Kyle, and I have been saying to each other at least once a week since coming to Japan at the beginning of April.
In Japanese, ‘baka’ means idiot and ‘gaijin’ means foreigner or someone who’s non-Japanese.
Kyle and I are Japanese American, so we are guessing we only fall under the category of foreigner.
No Japanese person has said either of these things to us, so it’s mostly a joke between the two of us when we do something stupid.
Such as getting on a train that’s completely empty and exclaiming “we’ve hit the mother lode” when in reality everyone got off because the train was at its last stop and officially out of service. Continue reading

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Nursing students have each other’s backs

Course emphasizes tough realities and teamwork between students.

By Katauna Loeuy

The rigorous and demanding Nursing Program at Whatcom Community College provides a close-knit community to help students discover their true selves through many challenging and rewarding experiences.
“Whatcom really wooed me with how inclusive, welcoming and just the supporting learning environment,” said nursing student Kayla Elmore. “I have felt so empowered as a student…I don’t know if that’s necessarily the experience that I would have with other schools.”
Whatcom’s Nursing Program is competitive because many people apply, but only 30 new students are accepted each year. Whatcom students earn an Associate in Nursing degree which makes them eligible to take the Registered Nurse licensing exam. Continue reading

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Muslim students share Ramadan experiences

By Elisa Espinoza

The Whatcom Community College Muslim Students Association hosted a dinner in celebration of Ramadan, the month of fasting, which is one of the five pillars of Islam that Muslims follow.
The dinner took place in the Syre Auditorium May 22, from 7:30 to 10 p.m..
Tahani Al-fazel, a student and president of the MSA, said about 160 people attended the event.
She said the dinner’s purpose was “spreading awareness, educating people, being together with other Muslims, breaking our fast and sharing the tradition.”
The dinner initiated with an introduction and a recitation of the first chapter of the Quran. Continue reading

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