Performing arts hold quarterly shows

By Dustin Rich

The performing arts departments at Whatcom Community College might meet behind closed doors, however, they still have a presence among the student body.
The drama department directed by Gerry Large is eager for new participants. Anyone even slightly interested is welcome to participate.
The music department head, Melanie Sehman, thrives on student participation and encourages musically inclined people to get involved.
The performing arts departments organize events throughout each quarter that showcase the artistic abilities of students and what they have been working on throughout that quarter.
Led by Large, the drama department is currently working on the play “30 Reasons Not to Be in a Play” that debuts Nov. 17 and runs the following two nights at 7:30 p.m. in the Heiner Theater. It will cost $5 to attend.
If students feel compelled to get involved in drama, drop by the theater, located in the Syre Student Center. There’s practice time on Tuesday and Thursday at 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Whatcom’s drama club meets weekly and is a great way to get your foot in the door of the acting community here on campus, according to Large.
Whatcom’s music department has been working to showcase the collective efforts of the students. Every year, Sehman receives students who want to collaborate with incoming or returning student musicians that then make up the quarter’s musical ensemble.
“Every year features a completely different ensemble set up, as the students that make up this department are continuously changing,” says Sehman.
Sehman said that there are never enough brass playing students to make up a full brass band, or enough string students to make up a full orchestra, but the diversity results in a well-rounded ensemble that accepts anyone.
On Dec. 1 this group of student musicians will be performing a free show for all to attend in the Heiner Theater.
If a student is a practicing musician who has already missed chances to get involved this quarter, there are still opportunities.
There will be a lunchtime open mic on stage in the Syre Student Center at noon on Oct. 26 and again on Nov. 30.

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Senate Notes 9/30/16

New Business:


Funding Request: The Intercultural Center requested $1850 to send 10 students to the Ethnic Center Conference on Indigenous Day (Monday October 12th) 9-12pm.


The Motion: Passed (Executive Board 6-0-0) (Senators: 11-0-0)


There is a new checkout system for Student Life Equipment




  • Security Cameras: implement security cameras at any scale to improve safety.
  • Night Study Spaces: providing a room that would be open later than 9pm and open for weekends for students to study.
  • Student Food Bank & Student Care Center: try to expand this service to include things such as toiletries and other basic necessities.
  • Student Reflection Room: A safe, quiet space for prayer and meditation. Students would be able to check out this space.


Organizational Improvements


  • ASWCC Town Hall: ASWCC wants to pass an alternative system to the Student Senate called ORCA Town Hall, which would be an informative session that would be the basis for student discussion on voting items and initiatives.

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New Orca Food Pantry helps feed students in need

By Gabiel Sofie

Whatcom is now offering a service called Orca Food Pantry.
This program has been created to help those in need. It is a service open to any students who may skip meals for financial reasons.
The pantry is on the second floor of Syre Student Center, next to the Intercultural Center. Continue reading New Orca Food Pantry helps feed students in need

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