Dropped classes leave Whatcom students behind

Canceled classes due to low enrollment cause disruption in the lives of Whatcom Community College students and faculty. When enrollment is low for classes that have been scheduled far in advance, substantial deliberation goes into deciding what steps to take going forward, explains Carla Gelwicks, Dean of Instruction at Whatcom….

¿Hablas Espanol? Whatcom Museum is ready for you

 The Whatcom Museum, an art and natural history museum in downtown Bellingham is displaying its exhibitions to a new audience. “One of the barriers for some people to come in is not being able to read or understand the labels,” said Christina Claassen, the museum’s marketing and public relations manager….

Whatcom programs open conversations about mental health

Whatcom Community College hopes to combat the stigma around mental health by reaching out to students and bringing awareness to available resources on campus. “The stigma and stereotypes around mental illness induce and perpetuate feelings of shame, which keeps people from speaking up and seeking support,” said Carlyn Finerty, a…

Campus event brings community together to honor dead and celebrate life

On Nov. 1, the Whatcom Community College Office of Student Life and Development and the Simpson Intercultural Center hosted a Dia De Los Muertos event in Syre Student Center Auditorium. “It’s a celebration of life and remembering those who have gone into another life. It’s a celebration of those that…

Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi has something for every fan

A little snippet of the Anakin-Ahsoka dynamic that fans of the “Filoniverse” have been starved for can now be found in the streaming Star Wars animated anthology “Tales of the Jedi.” Die-hards have been waiting for their chance to hear the voice actors and see the distinct animation style of…