Whatcom Voices: What Is Your Favorite Word And Why?

“Scrumdiddlyumptious. I love it because I am a candy addict.” -Lee Rosales, 20 “Scaffolding, because it always has been. I like the sound of it and the support it gives.” -Annie Hewlett-29 “Acquiescence. Just look at it!” -Cody Fitzgibbon, 19 “Inflammatory, it’s just stuck in my mind!” -Maria Avilaratriningtyas, 27

Put An Herb On It- Class Explores Attitudes Towards Health Across Cultures

Story and Photo by Taylor Nichols The Cross Cultural Medicine class at Whatcom Community College is sought after by students headed in a multitude of different directions. Whether students are waiting to get into the nursing program or planning to be anthropologists, they will find the topics of health care…