Save Our Whale

Injured eye
Finny has no memory of the accident that damaged their eye. Photos by Annette Townsend, Horizon

WCC’s adorable, fun-loving mascot Finn “Finny” Dorsellini is in distress. At some point in recent years, Finny’s right eye was damaged. Shipping Finny back to his original creator in Toronto, Canada for repairs is expensive and time-consuming, and help is needed to find a local specialist to get Finn looking their best again.

Recently, Finny and their representative, Hannah Lindenau, came before the ASWCC Senate to request funds to have repairs and refurbishing completed. A three-part request, the least expensive option would be to repair Finny’s eye. The midrange option includes getting Finny new shoes. The complete spa treatment – a full refurbishment – was the top price point.

“Finny has no memory of the incident that damaged their eye,” explained Lindenau.

While sympathetic, the Senate requested further investigation into sourcing a local company that would be able to perform the necessary work before they could make their final decision.

Finny and Cassie
Finny poses with Student Life Engagement Team member Cassie. Photo courtesy of the Student Life and Development Center

Suggestions flew from the gallery floor. One person observed that Whatcom County is a haven for “Furries” and surely there would be someone skilled enough to perform the repairs. Another suggested that Russ Nelson, WCC’s Media Services Manager, should have the appropriate connections to find a skilled repair shop closer to home. Everyone wanted to help Finny get back in prime condition for wave washing WCC’s opponents.

Finny and Lindenau left the meeting with mixed emotions and are researching other ophthalmological options before coming in front of the Senate again on April 8. Finny would appreciate a good spa day and kelp wrap but hopes to be spyhopping and making appearances around campus with two good eyes soon.

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