Bike Room Gives Commuters Options

Bicycling to Whatcom Community College couldn’t be easier or more convenient for students, faculty and staff. A little-known benefit for bicyclists sits tucked into the east side of WCC’s Student Recreation Center (SRC): space for bicycle commuters to change, store their personal gear and even do minor repairs is available in the WCC Bike Room.


Included as part of the SRC and Pavilion redesign, the WCC Bike Room (PAV 005) supports WCC’s goal of sustainable practices on campus. A large counter and cupboards provide space for minor bike repairs – tool kit included. Colorful lockers for day use line one wall. Bike racks located just outside the door provide an area to store your bike while on campus.

Mary Schroeder, Student Recreation Manager, said the bike room currently has six users, most of them staff and faculty. The bike room sees more use by faculty and staff that are on campus all day than students.

“Students come to campus and use the bike racks near their classes and leave again,” Schroeder explained.

Maintained by the SRC Coordinator, users are responsible for keeping the space clean. Student Life and Development manages access which is not dependent on having membership at the SRC.

Use is limited to 20 people. Quarterly access is available on a first come, first served basis with students getting priority for the first 10 lockers.

Persons interested in using the bike room can contact Mary Schroeder to review user policies, sign a user agreement and get access programmed into their Orca ID card.

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