Surprise midnight match

On March 2 around 10:45 p.m., a surprise midnight match took place at the WCC soccer field between the WCC men’s soccer team and the University of Fraser Valley. Lasting around 110 minutes, this aggressive match-up between the two teams was an exciting watch for those few who were lucky enough to catch it. 

Both teams battled it out as rivals and took heavy blows, with even one WCC player getting injured. Freezing temperatures and frigid winds blasted throughout the extreme game. In the 30th minute, UFV committed a major penalty which led to a penalty kick. The kick was taken by Kyler Carr (16), who sadly missed the shot. The rival team took that as a chance and scored a goal in the 75th minute. 

Orcas lost 1-0 at this home exhibition game, but it sure was an exciting watch.

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