Clubs are community magic

Jester and audience member
Magician and Mentalist Nate Jester surprised and confounded students with his uncanny ability to know names and numbers. Photo by Annette Townsend, Horizon

ASWCC Student Clubs and Student Unions hosted a dinner and magic show on Tuesday, April 16. Seattle Magician and Mentalist Nate Jester headlined the show and wowed the audience with amazing sleight of hand, mind blowing mental feats and a healthy dash of comedy.

Using several students to assist with various exploits, Jester managed to astound everyone in the audience, including the student assistants. One student called to the stage was prompted to blindly enter four random numbers into a cell phone calculator. The resulting number that appeared to have no meaning to anyone in the audience turned out to be the number of days that had passed since the student who entered the “random numbers” was born.

After the show, Jester emceed between presentations by student clubs and unions. All student unions and almost all student clubs were represented.

For more information about how to participate in student clubs contact the Office of Student Life and Development in Syre 208 or To find out more about student unions contact the Simpson Intercultural Center in Syre 217 or

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