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  • “Andor”: Great anti-fascist art?

    "Andor": Great anti-fascist art?
    (This review contains major spoilers for “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and “Andor”.) Why do I watch Star Wars? Sure, part of it is the science-fantasy setting and the richly imagined worlds that George Lucas and his many disciples have populated. From aliens and droids, laser swords and psychic powers, cool hyperspeed-capable ships that for ...
  • Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi has something for every fan

    Star Wars: Tales Of The Jedi has something for every fan
    A little snippet of the Anakin-Ahsoka dynamic that fans of the “Filoniverse” have been starved for can now be found in the streaming Star Wars animated anthology “Tales of the Jedi.” Die-hards have been waiting for their chance to hear the voice actors and see the distinct animation style of Dave Filoni’s “Star Wars: The ...
  • What to watch on Disney+ (Trailer Roundup)

    What to watch on Disney+ (Trailer Roundup)
    Disney+ Day, the yearly celebration of the streaming service, on Sept. 8 brought two anticipated films to the lineup (“Thor: Love and Thunder” and “Pinocchio”) in addition to seeing the premiere of new trailers for “BTS: Permission to Dance on Stage – LA” and “Andor”, the upcoming Disney+ Original series starring Diego Luna as the ...
  • Martha Coolidge Never Had a Fallback Plan

    Martha Coolidge Never Had a Fallback Plan
    Doesn’t everyone have a fallback plan?  “I was willing to make a fallback plan but I don’t think I ever went there,” said award-winning American film director Martha Coolidge who helmed the influential films Valley Girl and Real Genius. Coolidge recently visited Bellingham to speak at the Cascadia International Women’s Film Festival (CIWFF) at the Mount ...
  • Movie Review: Sam Raimi’s Multiversal Marvel Madness

    (This review contains spoilers for the recently released 28th entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”) “Pizza Poppa always gets paid!” So we are introduced to Bruce Campbell’s latest cameo in a Sam Raimi film. You see, Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his latest ward, America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) ...
  • Music Review: Is Wet Leg 2022’s Hottest Band?

    Music Review: Is Wet Leg 2022's Hottest Band?
    The eponymous debut from one of 2022’s hottest bands arrived on April 8. When Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers found themselves on top of a Ferris wheel one night in their native Isle of Wight, it was the culmination of a friendship that started in college ten years prior.
  • Documentaries featured at Pickford’s Doctober

    Pickford Film Center and their Limelight Cinema are currently holding their 13th annual documentary film festival, Doctober. The largest of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, the festival’s showings began September 26 and will be running until November 1. Established in 1998, the non-profit organization is known for its devotion to art and cinema, and ...
  • Unwrapping the gift of Christmas cinema

    By Apple Parry This holiday season is upon us, folks. So grab your cocoa, sit back, and get critical. I picked five different movies that don’t have anything in common except for the time of year they were set in, and I rated them. ‘Elf’ Will Ferrell gave his most wholesome performance as Buddy the Elf in “Elf.” ...
  • Comic: Marine Biology

    Comic: Marine Biology
  • 01/28/14. Comic

    Marine Biology by Giovanni Galarza