Whipping Up Slime at a Wednesday Wingle

Slime Wingle
Lilly Eastwood focuses on mixing the perfect slime while Matt Darnell proudly shows off their creation. Photo by Maggie Oakley

WCC CAMPUS – Every Wednesday from 1- 3 p.m., an event called the “Wingles” is held in the Syre Auditorium. The event is mainly a space to relax and hang out with friends or other students you haven’t met before. 

During the Wingles events, WCC students, faculty, and staff join all sorts of fun activities like painting and making bath soaps. On May 1, materials were available to make slime, and everyone had a blast playing with colors and showing off their slime work.

Wingles will be held throughout May at the same time and place, except for May 22, which will be relocated to Syre 216. June will see the end to Wingles for the rest of the school year, so it is definitely worth stopping by before the next turn of the calendar. 

Students can also get updates on other events being held on campus during Wingles – yet another reason to join. 

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