Possibly Haunted: A Thrift Store Experience

BELLINGHAM, WA – One of the best thrift shops in town, The Humane Society Thrift Shop, recently moved to a larger space from Cordata to the Park Manor Shopping Center, at Northwest and Birchwood. They now occupy the old Aaron’s Rental Center storefront.

The space is a great improvement over their old one. It’s easier to find, brighter with larger windows and space to actually walk around. Items are generally arranged, clothes to the right toward the back, glass and home goods to the left near the windows.

Possibly Haunted Dolls
A basket of possibly haunted dolls can be found at the new The Humane Society Thrift Shop’s location. Photo by Summer Isakson

While donating items and looking around since the store’s big move, I found this basket of dolls. Nearby was a second basket that proclaimed its contents were “definitely not haunted.” Although we appreciated the honesty in the signage, my husband and I still think all dolls are haunted, so we left with a t-shirt and tea light holder and let the dolls stay undisturbed.

The best part of the store is that any sales go directly to support The Whatcom Humane Society and their amazing programs to help animals great and small.

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