Letter to the Editor: A Fine Neighbor

We are retired, and have lived in the Cordata neighborhood for about three years.  Our first and current impressions of Whatcom Community College are identical: it is a fine neighbor.

The physical campus resembles a carefully maintained park.  Lawns, trees and shrubs surround the academic buildings.  The architecture of these buildings is varied and interesting.  In addition to a demure waterfall and a couple of small ponds, there are sculpture and rock displays.  An impossibly heavy levitating rock sphere can be spun about with one hand!  A walk in the campus is always pleasant and safe.  There is no litter, no noise, no emissions, no vandalism, and no off-campus parking congestion.

In contrast to the commercial areas surrounding Cordata, WCC offers a reassuring stability of land use.  The residents along Kellogg and Stuart Roads are not concerned that a new box store or strip mall may appear across the street.

Many of WCC’s immediate neighbors (including myself) are senior citizens.  It is therefore refreshing to see the younger students who are motivated to commute to receive their education.  I enjoy Orca Field which furnishes a venue for sports, and also refuge for birds to rest and feed.

As for services available to the community, there are plenty.  You have a fine library which also coordinates lending with the Bellingham Public Library.  There is an annual book sale, and a book store which is a resource for both textbooks and office supplies.  The Horizon provides a thoughtful forum for students and others.  I am sure that there are many other programs and events which we have yet to discover.

There is no substitute for a good neighbor.  Thank you for being here.



Greg Karam

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