Letter to the Editor: “Gathering Fountain”

The “Gathering Fountain,” designed by artist Gerald Tsutakawa, was a commissioned piece of art by the Washington State Arts Commission in 1998.

The artist, who apprenticed under his father, a local Seattle area resident, studied sculpture and fountain work for ten years before creating his own works of beauty.

His website says, “my inspirations are found in simple waves or the movement of wind over water.  A form in rocks, both smooth and rough, the evening lights stark silhouettes.”

He goes on to say, “I look to find the essence of that which surrounds and inspires me. A burst of energy, repeating shapes, and rhythms are expressed in my sculpture.  Positive shapes and negative spaces form the basis of my art.”

He expresses this about his art: “I want my works to be uplifting, to inspire feelings of happiness and to be a gesture of gratitude to nature.”

To the best of my knowledge, there are approximately 48 sculptures on his resume throughout the states of Washington and Montana, as well as in Canada and Japan.

The largest part of his collection is in the Washington state area, and one of his famous pieces, called “Mitt,” is a 9’ bronze piece at Safeco Field.

His resume is extremely impressive. He has won multiple awards, including one in 1996 for his exhibition at the International Snow Arts Festival in Perm, Russia.

Mr. Tsutakawa has been published multiple times in regards to his artwork.

His sculptures are amazingly simple, yet intrinsically meaningful, in my opinion.  His art flows like the water in a stream over pebbles.

For more information, he has a website at http://www.gerardtsutakawa.com/.


Eric Fiore

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