Parking monitor experiences best and worst of Whatcom

stop signby Rob Andrilla

From writing citations to managing parking lots and resolving arguments, Garret Gileno experiences some of the best and worst of Whatcom Community College as one of two parking monitors on campus.

Recruited from Whatcom’s Criminal Justice Club, this is his second quarter being a parking monitor. Gileno’s daily job is to maintain order in the parking lots and on campus. His responsibilities mainly involve parking enforcement, but in the case of an emergency he also helps first responders to arrive on the scene more efficiently with his knowledge of Whatcom’s campus and inner workings.

While taking Criminal Justice courses at Whatcom, Gileno was approached and given the chance to be a parking monitor, he said. He said that since the position is related to his chosen professional field, he took the job.

“The opportunity came up, and it’s a great resume builder,” he said. Next year he will be moving to Utah to enroll at Weaver State University to pursue a career in Criminal Justice.

“A lot of people have the impression that we just write tickets,” Gileno said. “But, it’s about being proactive and recognizing I’m not here to ruin someone’s day.” The courtesy and consideration he experiences on a daily basis are “a testament to Whatcom’s system,” he said.

Since a large number of Whatcom students rely on public transit, and do not clog parking lots, Whatcom’s parking system does not require permits. Gileno said that this often leads to parking confusion and congestion, especially in the C, D, and E lots. “Lots of students squeeze into spots they can’t fit in,” he said.

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