Whatcom’s greatest hits

by Rob Andrilla


“The Noisy Water Review” is an anthology of student work of all kinds at Whatcom Community College. It is a journal of student-submitted creations from Whatcom that is published yearly and full of several forms of expression including writing, music, sculpture and more.
“The Noisy Water Review” provides an opportunity for current Whatcom students to get their work and productions published and gain exposure to their craft.
In past years, almost every type of art has been represented, from sculptures and pottery to photography and digital multimedia art. Writing, whether creative or academic, is also included.
Some of the work in “The Noisy Water Review” is related to Whatcom classes and assignments, but it is not essential that something is class related for publishing. Music is also included in the collection and published on the website.
The concept that has become “The Noisy Water Review” was first published in 1995, under the name “Gathering of Voices.” Later editions were edited by Wayne Robertson for essays and Karen Blakley for art. Until 2009 it was published as “Gathering of Voices,” but a supplemental creation surfaced that year called “The Noisy Water Review.”
Originally it was billed as Whatcom’s online literary journal, with submissions selected by faculty advisors. The next year, for the 2010-11 publishing, the two combined under the new title. Additional editors Christopher Roberts, Anna Wolff, and Joanna Kenyon were incorporated to handle the wider breadth of submissions, evaluating music, poetry, and fiction respectively.
The webpages of each edition are still available for current students to view the published work of past students and perhaps draw inspiration from them. From the inception of “The Noisy Water Review,” the staff has made the full text of submissions available on the website and in hard copy format as well.
This year’s publication is still in production, with works still being gathered and selected.

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