Whatcom Voices: What would you do if you were younger

What would you do if you were younger?

Kora Sager, 17 – “Nap time at Kindergarten! And trick-or-treating.”
Chris Gil, 22 – “I wish I could go back and play sports. I’m too old to be on a team.”
Esther Ritsema, 19 – “Go to Chuck E. Cheese’s.”
Jenni Langager, 24 – “Learn a foreign language. I know I could, but it’s harder when you’re older.”
Kathryn Saulsbury, 64 – “I think I would have started running so it could become a habit.”
Mark Stevenson, 17 – “Have free time.”
Jessica Robinson, 34 – “Probably dive rolls. I don’t do those anymore. And slip’n’slides.”
J.T. Taylor, 58 – “Nothing.”

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