Letter from the Editor

Dear reader,

    Welcome (back) to Whatcom Community College!  My name is Katy, and I’m pleased to meet you.  I’m excited to be back to school, with the air full of crisp autumn leaves and beautiful blue skies before winter sets in, the chance to say hello to some of my favorite teachers, and of course, classes.  I love learning, and I love school.  School is not just the place where one learns skills for life, it is a place for rejoicing in knowledge, for making new friends both older and younger than oneself, and, of course, getting stuck with a bunch of books you’ll never use again. 

    It is my pleasure to introduce a new year of the Horizon.  To welcome you to the college we love so much, the Horizon staff has put together a selection of features and articles on the college, including a warning about parking and a tour with new students.  Inside (and online), you will find details on the expansion of the Pavilion, how the Board of Trustees works, fall sports, and a map to help you find your way.

    Feel free to treasure this paper forever, send it to your grandparents, chop it up and post your favorite articles on the wall, or recycle it into rabbit bedding.  I have done nearly all of the above. 

    Fair winds and following seas,

        Katy Kappele

        Editor, Whatcom Horizon

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