MTV: Making Teens Vulgar

by Rachel Remington

Horizon Reporter

Everyone’s familiar with MTV, it’s been around for years.  The tv station was made to air the latest and most popular music videos, and quickly became a huge hit with millions of people, especially teens.  Today, there are tons of shows on MTV, and very little actual music on it.  Even though this itself is kind of irritating, I think there’s a way bigger problem with MTV: most of its shows are crap that send bad messages to teens.

            Let’s look at the well-known show “Jersey Shore” for example.  Sure, it’s entertaining to watch a group of people get drunk every day and act like idiots, but what kind of message is that sending to teens?  Let’s face it, not too many people over 20 watch the show, so teens are the ones obsessing over a show where a bunch of “Guido’s” are constantly getting wasted and having sex with perfect strangers every other day.

            How about “16 and Pregnant”?  It’s a show about girls who are getting knocked up at 15 and taking care of their own kid by the time they’re a sophomore or junior in high school.  Excuse my language, but what the hell are you thinking MTV?!  It’s like they want high school girls to think it’s ok to pop one out before they even get their diploma!

            I’m sure most of you have heard about the new show “Fantasy Football” on MTV.  How could you not have?  It’s a show about a bunch of girls playing football in lingerie!  I mean, it’s great that girls are finally getting more involved with football, but is lingerie REALLY necessary?  WHY DOES TV ALWAYS HAVE TO EXPLOIT WOMEN LIKE THIS?  It’s kind of ridiculous.

            There are a number of other trashy shows on MTV, but despite the terrible ways teens are portrayed in these shows, we can’t deny it: MTV is entertaining.  So my advice to viewers: proceed to watch with caution.  And try not to repeat the vulgar and distasteful things that people on MTV so willingly do.

One thought on “MTV: Making Teens Vulgar

  1. Wow, that is so true. . . and really sad. It is setting the perfectly wrong example for teenagers. I hope someday somebody will speak up and change this disgusting habit of R-rated shows to something that is still entertaining but uplifting too.

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