Megamind Blowing Minds?

by Brianna Kuplent

Horizon Reporter

Two outer space supernatural beings arrive on Earth and instantaneously become rivals in this cartoon comedy where good always rises up against evil. Brad Pitt gives his voice to Metroman, Metro City’s boy-scout superhero who protects the citizens, and news anchor Roxanne Ritchie voiced by Tina Fey, from the not-so-subtle Megamind, brilliantly voiced-over by Will Ferrell, who loves being bad and is a failure at being a supervillain. In a strange turn of events Megamind defeats Metroman, and Metro City is suddenly at the hands of another supervillain, Titan, wreaking more chaos and destruction. Will the only other person with enough superpower to defeat the new villain be the greater of the two evils, or be the good that will rise up?

                The ever-charismatic Will Ferrell was a good pick for the devious Megamind, who has inserted his own funny improv remarks that I’m sure will pop up in conversations from people who have seen the movie. Brad Pitt does a good voiceover for the good-natured Metroman, and is a good yin for Ferrell’s yang. Pitt does not have a big part in the movie, but his charming personality shines through in Metroman. Tina Fey, who has only done one voiceover before Megamind, as Roxanne Ritchie was another good choice, her personality and experience being a part of Saturday Night Live I believe helped Fey give a funny side to her somewhat straight-laced character.

                I give this movie four stars, it had a lot of competition this year with Despicable Me, and Johnny Depp’s Rango. The movie wasn’t exactly a home-run, but it was entertaining, charming, and was a new take on the theme of the villain trying to become good. It’s a good film appropriate for any age, and for college students who want to take a break from The Hangover or any recent chick-flick.

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