Letter from the Editor

by Emily Huntington

Here we are again. Or for some of you, here we are. Welcome to the new students who have begun their journey here at Whatcom, and welcome back to those who have returned.

It has been a short summer for yours truly.  Most of my “vacation” was spent in the classroom. I took business law, and I also started volunteering at District Court, on top of working full-time. The last five weeks of my “summer,” for the most part, were spent wishing we had nicer weather.

I learned (and continue to learn) a lot about the judicial system and the never-ending (it seems) vocabulary that lies within. Although all I do is file paperwork and attend the occasional court hearing to observe, I still take away so much, and I am so greatful that I was given the opportunity to volunteer there.

People are so willing to answer any questions I have and that really makes me feel comfortable…I’m not just someone filing paperwork; they actually want to make sure my needs are met. It’s a lot of fun.

This summer also brought some new changes to my life. About a month ago, I decided to delete my Facebook. Since doing so, I LIVE! I talk to people face-to-face, not on their wall.

It’s great to no longer have to plan what time to harvest my virtual crops so they won’t wither while I’m not online…It’s refreshing to not have something taking over my time. It’s great–I honestly don’t miss it. If you haven’t done so, you should try it.

This is, at last, (and for real, this time) my final year at Whatcom. These next three quarters are going to fly by so fast, if it’ll be anything like the past two years have been.

This quarter I will be returning as your Horizon Editor, and I want to hear from you! Please submit your photos or letters to me and/or our photo editor, Matt (wccpics@gmail.com). Don’t forget to check out our Web site for the latest news: www.whatcomhorizon.com.  While you’re there, leave us feedback!

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Until next time…

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