by Kelly Sullivan

I don’t believe it is any coincidence that the subject of bacon continues to find its way into my daily conversations despite the fact that I am never the one to bring it up.

It is delicious, who can deny? It’s not necessarily healthy in the capacity that we consume it, but my production editor recently informed me that it is one of the most sustainable foods we can choose to munch on.

Many of my friends enjoy cooking for hours a day, and have recently begun putting bacon on top of their delectable brownies (I have not yet braved the treat), satisfying their salty and sweet cravings at the same time.

Recently, while investigating the local liquor store, I discovered—to my horror, awe, and insatiable curiosity—bacon-flavored vodka. I chose not to drop $30 that day, just to taste the beverage. However, I am sure one day, when I am rolling in Jacksons, I will be able to call the clear, bacon-flavored liquid my own.

The brand is Bakon Vodka, and is distilled from potato. It can be enjoyed in Bloody Marys and chocolate martinis, but I have yet to believe that it “enhances” either of these as the Web site  ( claims.

I was also recently informed about another interesting product I researched, made by J&D. “Baconnaise” is a bacon-flavored mayonnaise, available in a regular and lite version. The company also creates Bacon Pop (a bacon popcorn), Bacon Salt, and Bacon Ranch dressing and dip.

So now that we have seen the obsession, let’s look at the facts: Two slices of raw bacon contain 278 calories, 182 of those from fat according to Two slices alone contain half of our recommended daily amount of sodium, and one third of our total fat. And we can taste it in every savory bite.

According to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), 104 million pigs in the United States are killed every year to satisfy our pork intake.

I don’t eat bacon very often, but I will admit, of course , that I enjoy it when I do. It’s fatty, it’s salty, it’s crunchy, it goes well with pancakes, eggs and chocolate (and apparently alcohol). What’s not to like?

However, have we gone too far in our quest to baconize everything? Over the internet at the least, we can purchase bacon-flavored gum, personal lubricant (I am not sure who is enjoying that one, but I know someone is), coffee, mints, ice cream, bubbles (?!), and water.

Perhaps my conclusion is to say, moderation. We all know what that word means, right? I enjoy discussing the tasty meat every now and then, but perhaps as a society we should turn it down a notch? Or not. Who am I to say? Either way, you walked away from this a little more informed about bacon.

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