The Many Faces of Work Study

By Reed Klein

You might not notice a Work Study student around campus, but they are everywhere. The library, the copy center, the registration office – Work Study offers job positions at these places and more for students who wish to work on campus.

The reason you may not notice them is because they are so well integrated into their jobs. The offices they work in would have tremendous labor if not for Work Study.

Governor Gregoire’s budget proposal plans to cut the program. To one Work Study student, Kirstina Blake, that is detrimental.

“I’m a first generation college student,” says Blake. The first one in my family to go to college. Statistically I should not be in school. But Work Sudy allows me to do this.” To see who else is affected, here are just some of the other Work Study students at WCC.

[cincopa 10553580]

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