Eureka Room ‘puzzles’ Bellingham

By Katie Linton It all begins with a rolled up newspaper in hand, standing on the corner of Commercial and Magnolia in downtown Bellingham, right outside Jake’s Barbershop. This is where you meet your contact who leads you up the creaky stairs to the second story of the old building…

Mt. Baker ski resort hosts annual slalom event for snowboarders

By Katie Linton Since the birth of snowboarding in the 1960’s Baker has been a headlining mountain for boarders all over the world.  The slalom is one of those things that highlights Baker’s history within the culture of snowboarding.

Whatcom offers new scholarships for studying abroad

By: Katie Linton “As the saying goes, ‘to boldly go where you haven’t been before.’” Says Ulli Schraml, the associate director and study abroad coordinator of international programs. Whatcom Community College offers several scholarships to help make study abroad programs more accessible to all students.

Ideas ‘Hatching’ in Bellingham

By Katie Linton Ideas are hatching in downtown Bellingham. “We want to create more opportunities for people to get involved with each other and network” said Dylan Green, Hatch co-founder. Hatch is an “idea incubator” that aims to fill vacancies in downtown Bellingham, by making the necessary changes to create…