The Return of Drama Productions

The pandemic put a roaring stop on drama productions throughout the state, as folks could no longer gather to watch and be entertained, but Gerry Large wants it to make a comeback. Large, Whatcom Community College’s Visual & Performing Arts Department Lead, had decided that this quarter his actors would…

A dazzling new class act is coming to Whatcom

Whatcom Community College is debuting a new acting for stage and film class in Winter 2020. Whatcom’s drama department offers courses in acting, introduction to theatre and theatre production. Students can take classes such as Drama 101, where they will learn the significance of plays, themes, playwrights and discussing the…

Drama department closes successful production

By Cailean McLeod Whatcom Community College drama department’s annual spring drama production was held June 3 in the Heiner theater. The production involved the collaboration of many drama student directors and actors in performing several published works by various past playwrights.

New drama production in the works

By Evan Leahy After overwhelming success with their 2013 production, the Drama department will be presenting “But Is It Art?” March 4th and 5th at 7:30 p.m. in the Heiner Theater. While reusing a concept from a previous year, this year’s production features an all-new collection of material.