New senate in place for 2019-20

The Associated Students of Whatcom Community College aims to enhance every student’s experience through fellow student representation. “ASWCC is a student body,” said Surabhi Subedi, the ASWCC Vice President for Clubs, “we are the bridge between students and administration.”

The ASWCC has a student body president, executive vice president, vice president for clubs, vice president for operations, vice president for programming, and vice president for campus advocacy, which is currently vacant.

“Our purpose is to serve them,” said Subedi. They aim to achieve a dynamic campus environment where all students are represented and have an opportunity to participate, “You gain a purpose, when you are engaged in something instead of just coming to school, you feel a sense of belonging,” said Subedi.

“Clubs are a really important part of the student body,” said Subedi, “They are a form of community.”

“Clubs touch more students than anything else on this campus,” said Subedi, “If you can’t find one, make one. We had 40 clubs last year.”

The ASWCC encourages students to get involved. “I strongly believe that engaging outside of the classroom is really important for your academic, personal, and social success,” said Subedi. Clubs provide students with a with a community.

“The sense of belonging is really important no matter where you go,” said Subedi. “Come to the senate meetings to be informed on what’s going on,” said Subedi.

The ASWCC Senate meets every other week to receive updates from Whatcom committee, organizations, activities and services. ASWCC wants students to participate in activities.

“Be involved in anything you can, don’t miss that opportunity, because every opportunity is a learning opportunity,” said Subedi.

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