L’editor: Welcome back to the W double C

Ladies, gentlemen and everyone in betwixt, welcome or welcome back to Whatcom Community College.

Transitioning back into school is always hard, even if you like it. Your first class is way too early, why did you think you could handle an 8 a.m.? It’s not even noon but before you leave, your new professor slaps you in the face with four assignments and two essays due in five weeks.

You learn that the Kulshan Coffee cart closed down, you’re heartbroken even though you didn’t make it to that area that much. You realize the cafeteria closes at 2 o’clock, that doesn’t even make sense, to anyone.

What am I supposed to eat after my 1:30 p.m. class? A year old bag of Pirate Booty from the vending machine? Yogurt pretzels? A GATORADE?

With summer coming to a close, ’tis the season of fading tans, limited parking, unlimited bus credit, and layering. Seriously, make sure your fit is flexible.

I personally haven’t found a classroom that has proper ventilation, so make sure to dress for the fluctuation. Over here in Cascade it could be Cabo one minute and Moscow the next.

The thing I missed most over the summer was just being in the newsroom. I have my own desk, my own chair that no one else can touch; I can write whatever I want on the board, I even have my own Wite-Out. The small things in life make it worth it.

Due to my regrettable lack of participation in high school, I didn’t feel like I was involved or valued by my school. Joining the Horizon gave me a purpose, something to look forward to. Instead of just dragging myself to and from class, I look forward to seeing my writers every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, creating something as a team, and learning while we do it.

My advice for the school year to anyone reading: get involved. Make yourself important, be reliable and start growing in positive ways.
For real, this may not be a four-year college, but it’s a great school. You’re paying for it, using your newfound freedom to build a future for yourself. Spend your money and time wisely and engage.

It’s mentally important to focus on something you enjoy, especially for those working and going to school. I know how busy you are, but are you having fun? C’mon Bethany, join the Rocketry and Propulsion Society, they have safety glasses!

There are numerous clubs at Whatcom, and if your club doesn’t exist, try creating it, what the heck, why not? I’m sure there’s a need for the Reinstate Pluto as a Planet Club. Whatcom’s community is so vast and active, it would be a disgrace to neglect it.  Play a sport, make some new friends, read a pamphlet, even if it’s just for fun –especially— if it’s just for fun.

If you’re bored you could always write me a letter, I’ll publish it for you. This is what I’m here for. And this is why the Horizon exists, for you. Pick up a copy of the latest issue, for your reading pleasure… or whatever you want to do with it. Have a wood burning stove? We got your back. Need to make something out of papier-mâché? We got your back! Need to re- line your hamster’s cage? We. Got. Your. Back.

If you don’t want to destroy our paper, if you just want to read it, that’s all right, too. If you want to contribute, come on over to Cascade 129, let’s chat.

Otherwise, I’ll see you next time, enjoy the return.

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