L’editor: It feels like we only go backwards

By Apple Parry

When President Donald Trump ran for office, his campaign slogan and anxiety-inducing hats read, “Make America Great Again.” Allow me to translate what it actually says: “I want all my straight white male privilege back.”
On May 8, under the Trump administration, Alabama’s female mayor passed a law banning abortions no matter the circumstances. This includes incest and sexual assault.
On top of that, any doctor who performs an abortion could be sentenced to up to 99 years in prison.
However, if this is the first you’re hearing of this, you’re bound to be unaware that legislators have been doing their best to chip away at abortion rights since they became legal.
Once the floodgates fully opened, more Republican states followed.
In Georgia, if a woman has a miscarriage, or gives birth to a still born baby, she is vulnerable to investigation. Charged with “abuse of a corpse,” or “concealing a dead body,” women who lose their unborn child could face 3-10 years in prison.
Over 50 percent of America’s population is women. One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage.
At this point, I’m convinced the government is planning to build more prisons and just need people to fill them up.
It makes me wonder how much freedom they will be allowed take from us.
Instead of preventing mass shootings and the alarmingly high child death rate, our senators would rather regulate a woman’s body.
Hypermasculinity has ruined this world and corrupted our government. Not having emotions or empathy isn’t something I want in a leader.
I don’t want important decisions made without concern for the well-being of ALL of America’s citizens. This country needs a leader who understands humanity, not just the one percent who speak in numbers and privilege.
Limiting the rights of over half the population turns America into the home of the scared, land of the oppressed. Or was America only supposed to be free for the men who “found” the damn thing?
All these old Viagra needing white men who think they can make the best decision for all of the people it applies to, must be completely out of their minds.
When a decision is made and hundreds of thousands of people oppose it, and admit it, you made a mistake.
You can see just how badly you messed up when princess of the conservatives: Tomi Lahren of all people speaks out against it. Lahren has made her name known as a political commentator, television host for TheBlaze, active twitter user, and contributor for Fox News.
“I will be attacked by fellow conservatives for saying this but so be it, this Alabama abortion ban is too restrictive. It doesn’t save life, it simply forces women into more dangerous methods, or others states or countries. You don’t encourage life via blanket government mandate,” said Lahren.
It’s a little scary that I can say I agree with Ms. Lahren. However she has been outspoken about women’s rights to abortion in the past, so outspoken in fact, TheBlaze fired her.
A loyal conservative, consistent views, she has one opinion that goes against the grain, and she’s fired.
The men in Congress have proven their ignorance of a woman’s humanity. It is forgotten when they remember we’re the ones who produce. (I guess that means men just make waste.)
If actions speak louder than words, the government is screaming that they don’t care about women.
I am pro-choice, which doesn’t mean I support murdering babies, it means I support a woman’s right to make a very hard decision, and not judge her for what she decides, and that includes me.
I don’t care! Have the baby, don’t. If I’m not pregnant, it’s not my decision to even weigh in on.
The only good news I’ve read is that these laws won’t be enforced until 2020. We still have a chance to fight back.
The only person in charge of your body is you. That should never be something that is taken from you.
So go out and vote, sign petitions, go to marches and protests, this is not something that will magically go away.
We made abortions legal once before, and it’s going to take time and patience and most importantly persistence, and we can do it again.

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