Council Notes


The Teachers of Tomorrow Club requested $480 to send six of its members to a “Focus on the Children” conference for early childhood education. The motion passed unanimously.


A new club, the Philosophy Club, was recognized. Tim Watters is the club’s adviser. The club requested the standard $100 new club startup allocation, and the motion passed unanimously.


A proposed club, the International Sports Club, was recognized. The club will exist to encourage students to exercise together, especially as a means for international students to make friends and help break the language barrier by playing sports, a universal language. The club requested $100 as  a startup allocation, and the motion passed unanimously.


Council vice president John Laigaie is stepping down from his position at the end of fall quarter.  Laigaie said he has enjoyed working with everyone on student council. “I’ll miss you all,” he said.


Concerns were voiced over the behavior problems of students using the upstairs of the Syre Student Center. Complaints ranged from noise level, public displays of affection, inappropriate elevator usage, and messes made by students. If the situation continues to decline it may force college administration to become involved. Potentially, the area may become off limits to use as a place to hang out, council vice president John Laigaie said. “If it doesn’t improve, it’s gone,” he said.

One thought on “Council Notes

  1. Serious students who require quiet and a less crowded place to study should not try to study in the Syre building. The space there was designed for a social gathering place not a quiet room! I enjoy most of the activity and noise and if I wanted quiet I’d GO HOME!

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