Letter from the editor

By Cutter Kilgore

I’m no good at goodbyes.

I’ve had a blast being the editor of the Horizon. In my time here I’ve covered sports and politics, talked to kooky teachers and passionate students and received criticism and praise from unexpected places.

This issue marks the end of an era in Horizon lore. Most of the members of our small staff are moving on to other places and life events. A few of us will continue on in journalism.

My hope is that I’ve made some difference here, influenced something, and left my mark.

When I started working on the paper, I shuddered at what appeared to be a clipart front page design. I fixed that. You’re welcome.

I also decided early on to produce a regular comic strip for each issue. I imagined folks would be chuckling around a water cooler at my crude illustrations and overactive imaginative musings. “Bravo!” they’d say as I passed by in the hallway. “Such exceptional wit,” they’d marvel internally while I’d graciously smile and nod. I’m not certain how well that worked out, but to everyone who reads the Horizon just for the comic: it’s okay. You’re important to me. So very important.

I tried to bring a level of professionalism and work ethic that I hoped would be my trademark. I demanded the same excellence from my staff that I expected in myself. Maybe I did that too much at times. Sorry about that.

I bickered and fought and laughed and made friends. My time at Whatcom Community College has been an educational (heh) experience. What else can I say?

Here’s wishing everyone at Whatcom a warm and lovely holiday season. Here’s to all of our future endeavors and to whatever lies ahead. Here’s me signing off for now and telling you all that it’s been a terrifically enjoyable ride, and if this were a date I’d be inviting you all upstairs right now to finish off the evening with a drink.

Here’s to all that and anything else you can think of to say.

I’m no good at goodbyes.


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