Holy Comic-con, Batman!

By Andrew Lohafer/Photos by Henry Slater


n October 20, the Ferndale Events Center was filled with dashing heroes and sinister villains of all shapes and sizes. It was Bellingham’s own Comic-Con, where people of all ages and walks of life came to celebrate their hobbies with fellow web-slingers, wonder women and Wookiees.

Vendors peddled comics, action figures, shirts and countless items to fans as artists displayed their work.  It was a place where folks could don the costumes of their favorite characters and leave their mild-mannered alter-egos at the door.

“I love the costumes, and the artists,” said Alan Sessing-Hunter, dressed as Nordic god Loki from the Marvel comic “Thor.” “As a first timer, it is a great place for meeting like-minded people.”

A 4-year-old Thor called out an enthusiastic greeting to a Loki in his late 20s. It was a testament to the atmosphere and nature of the event.

“It has been a really great show, just a great way to reach out to your fans,” said Ron Randall, who’s been writing comic books for more than 30 years. 

Randy Emberlin, a veteran artist who has worked on “The Amazing Spider Man” and “G.I. Joe,” garnered particular excitement from the eager throng.  Plus, there was Gary Martin, a comic book inker and writer for Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse.

And there were some fans who were more than just casual attendees.

 “Star Wars changed everything for me,” said Greg Hedrit, a member of the 501st Legion, a group of costumed Star Wars fans who take donations for the Alternate Humane Society of Whatcom County. 

Print-making and shirt design were popular choices for artists and vendors, along with vintage video games and independent board game makers.

 “It is fun to be out here, and it is for a good cause,” said Hedrit, garbed as an Imperial Officer. 

“This is our third event,” said Nick Bock, one of the creators of the independent board game FISK. “It is a great opportunity to show our labor of love.” 


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