Finals can kill

by Katy Kappele

Horizon Reporter

On Thursday May 31, students from Whatcom Community College’s Criminal Justice Leadership Program gathered at Bellingham Technical College to stage a disaster.   Students from the Community Emergence Response Team (CERT) were thrown into an earthquake-riddled warehouse to save members of the public. This was their final exam for the course.  Search and Rescue teams went into the darkness of the building to “rescue” volunteers from Whatcom as well as the Bellingham Boy Scouts.  The CERT team set up a triage zone, transporting the new deputy of administration in a blanket from the bathroom of the warehouse, where he simulated a severe head wound.  Triage zones were set up outside for medical teams, where volunteers were asked to moan as if in pain.  Makeup and props were used to make the scenario as realistic as possible for the CERT team.

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