Council Notes

Vacant Executive Chairs

                Two executive chairs on the Associated Student Council of Representatives are now vacant. Tiana Powell, former executive vice president and Melisa Nelson, former chair of budget and finances resigned from their positions in the past weeks. This adds to already vacant positions, chair of administration and public relations coordinator. At one meeting a student voiced her concerns, asking what the issues were behind resignations and if the ASWCC is still a student run organization. President of the council, Isaac Shantz-Kreutzkamp said in response, “We are still very much a student organization. We are just encountering a few bumps in the road.”

Feeding the Webcam

An amount of $1,500 was requested to fund the installation of a fixed position webcam that would overlook a section of campus. Real time video would be viewable from Whatcom’s website, enabling parents, friends or the community to see how life at WCC is going. The discussion was “tabled” until a later meeting, to allow members of council the opportunity to consult their constituents and poll student opinions.

Funding Set and in Motion

The ASWCC granted the Ethnic Student Association the remaining $1,971.50 of their requested total, $3,471.50, for the 2011-12 school year.

Campus Christian Fellowship received $1,600 to help with costs for CCF fall camp taking place Oct. 28-30. The club’s goal is to have 30 to 40 members attend. Funding from student council will be used to provide $40 to each participating student.

There was a motion made to grant the Library $625 and will be voted on in a later meeting. The money will go to refreshment costs for the Library’s late nights during finals weeks for the school year. During these weeks the library stays open an hour later and provides baked goods to studying students.

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