Where Art Thou Orca?

by Kelsey Rowlson 

Horizon Reporter

It may not be noticeable during your day-to-day strolls around Whatcom Community College, but on Orca Day, the iconic whale mascot was more blatantly missing. 

“Honestly, the current mascot uniform we have is simply not publically presentable,” said Kris Baier, Director of Student Life.  “We’d like to see if it can get a makeover.”  Especially since it is at so many events and the school’s mascot, the rips and stains that it has sustained over the years do not give off the best perception of the school.

“The students on council have done their diligence to make sure that if and when they replace the costume it’s done as responsibly as possible,” Baier said.  Mascot outfits “tend to be pricey,” he added.

“I am confident that our general council will make the best choice possible,” said Isaac Shantz-Kreutzkamp, ASWCC president in an email.

 “If the ASWCC Council of Representatives chooses not to replace or refurbish it, then we should consider how the money/or time spent could be better used for our student body.”  Shantz-Kreutzkamp believes the council’s decision will depend on a few factors including “constituent support of the replacement and cost of replacing or refurbishing the costume.”

“Right now there are a lot of projects in the works with student council,” Baier said.  The council needs to make sure that the costume is something people want to see and that it helps to promote school spirit.  Baier thinks the mascot would be good investment because it’s a positive figure and is a part of a positive atmosphere.

“If a new Orca mascot costume is approved, we will likely see it as a discussion item in the first three weeks of the quarter, with an approval possible by the fourth week of the quarter. If the costume is approved, we will probably see it in action at our games and events towards the end of the quarter,” said Shantz-Kreutzkamp.

Once the school year gets fully underway, decisions will be made on whether or not the iconic whale will yet again grace Whatcom’s campus.

So who actually wears the Orca outfit?

Currently there is no one to man the Orca costume.  “In the past it’s been someone who’s been very excited about athletics and a part of student council, or the program and diversity board,” Bair said.  He added that “it would be fun to actually have tryouts” where anyone could audition.

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