Onion Settles the Difference

by Katy Kappele

Horizon Reporter

Q: What is the Board of Trustees and what do they do?

A: Unlike elementary and high school districts with School Boards, at the community colleges they are called the Board of Trustees.  At the universities, they are called Board of Regents.  Here in the state of Washington, the Trustees are appointed by the Governor.  In some states, Trustees are elected.  The Board of Trustees approves everything that goes on at the college.

Q: How is the Administration different from the Board?

A: The Board’s duties include setting the College’s strategic direction, establishing policy for the College, awarding tenure, approving the operating budget and hiring the College President.  The Administration runs the school, including dictating budgets and hiring teachers. 

Q: Why is each important to school functions?

A: As said, the college could not run without both, as the Board directs where the school is going, and the Administration makes it happen. 

Q: What is the ASWCC and what do they do?

A: The Associated Students of Whatcom Community College is the student-run governing body of the college.  They are the student body’s voice in college affairs. 

Q: Do they have separate budgets? Where does the money come from? Who allots it?

A: The Board of Trustees approves the College budget, they do not have a budget of their own.  The ASWCC budget is approved by the school, and they approve club budgets.

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