Poopsie Daisy: a story about poop

by Carrie Lynn

Horizon Reporter

It’s white and wet, but then dry and simply everywhere.  Its presence holds a kind of distaste in our eyes because the spectacle it makes is not only gross but distracting from the lovely pavement we walk on everyday.  Maybe it was placed there for an additive of cream, like we do for our drinks, or maybe birds don’t have a clue what they are doing.  But to me it sure seems that birds could be sending us a message because their poop surrounds us in this world.

            In the essence of poop there is stench, germs and associations that can lead to potential vomiting or gagging.  However, what if we or the birds never pooped?  It’s ironic how a seemingly disgusting piece of our daily lives and that of animals gives us relief and the ability to live more comfortably.

            Poop is also the result of something being taken in.  It represents the living that went on a couple of hours earlier.  When thought about in this odd perspective, poop, also known as feces, which is also known as crap, can actually be widely appreciated.

            When something happens in our lives that rattles our world, whether internally or externally, it holds a tendency to affect our daily life as well.  If we mess up, life changes how we are doing and it hurts us, angers us, confuses us, frustrates us and the list goes on.  There seems to be a constant struggle.  However, taking something that hurt you like that and leaving it behind, learning from it and setting it aside matures us and grows us into better humans.

            Like when birds poop, the poop is left for us to see.  It wasn’t a pleasant experience for the bird who disrupted its day to deposit it, nor for the passerby who placed his foot on the wrong square-inch of pavement, but it can also be found as a positive symbol for crap.  Crap having been endured, gone through, and crap being finally released.  At least bird poop is white and pure looking in a way to resemble the hope that there is among the crappy times.  The poop that surrounds us can be a tangible reminder that bad things in our lives have the power to shape us into better people.  

            Flowers grow in the soil of our Earth and hummingbirds sip from their juicy centers.  The colors and the layering of petals are full of an awe that creation illustrates every day beauty.  Poop and crap produced that beauty.  Poop fertilizes plants all over and causes the tiniest worthless seed to sprout and become something priceless. 

            Maybe the imperfections we see in the bird poop around us are there to show us how crap in our lives can make us better, even make us more full of worth.  Maybe poop is the beauty secret we have all been waiting for.  I mean birds are one of the most majestic and glorious of animals; they can fly.  Has flying not been a huge thing we as humans have sought after achieving?  Now, we have airplanes, which I am not condemning in any way, but what if we had an intricate layer of feathers that could lead us to mountain tops?  That would be purely awesome.

            The birds poop and then they fly away.  Some are even pooping as they are flying.  Yes, poop is definitely the beauty secret we have been waiting for; turning the crap that we go through into making us like a flower or a free bird.  Good thing we have the bird poop around to remind us everywhere we go.

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