Whatcom by the Numbers

by Kelsey Rowlson

Horizon Reporter

What do you know about Whatcom Community College?  Not just the basic information, but the nitty gritty stuff; from the number of parking spaces at Whatcom, to the amount Whatcom pays for the electricity each year, to the number of graduates during the 2009-2010 school year, we’ve got the FYI on WCC.


There are 4,201.5 full time equivalent students at Whatcom

7,644 total students attend Whatcom

At Whatcom there are 889 Running Start students

828 students graduated from Whatcom in 2009-2010

*770 of those received their Associate Degrees

The faculty to student ratio is 1:22

Whatcom has 140 international students from 30 countries

55 percent of Whatcom’s students are female, 45 percent are male


Whatcom has 402 faculty members

50 Work Study positions

10 full-time custodial employees

3 grounds crew employees


There are 1,881 parking spaces at Whatcom

*On the busiest day of the school year (first day of fall quarter) there were 80 extra parking spaces leftover


In the past 10 years (reported crime):

                *1 stolen backpack

                *50 car problems

                *2 grand theft auto (cars were later found untouched in Whatcom’s parking lot)

                *1 student was shot to death on Whatcom’s campus in 1995

2 people have been hit by cars in the crosswalk

The Bills

$19,700,000 is Whatcom’s annual operating budget

Electricity cost: $342,000/year

Natural Gas cost: $113,500/year

“What you pay in tuition is only about 1/2 the cost of teaching you.” –Ray White

Whatcom’s Land

Whatcom owns 70 acres of land

The total footage of Whatcom’s 10 buildings is 304,558 square feet

There is a total of 5 acres designated to wetlands on campus

Fun Facts

Every 15 years the soccer field has to be replaced due to the sunlight’s effect on the turf

There are 28 bathrooms located on Whatcom’s campus, 14 men’s and 14 women’s.  This doesn’t count locker room bathrooms.

There are roughly 940 computers on campus

26 vending machines are located on campus

*19 of these vending machines have Orca card readers

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