Council Notes–October 28 & November 4

Oct. 28

Mo’ Beta Testing Needed

Council president Brad Widman told the council that more students needed to sign up for beta testing of new student network accounts, as IT director Ward Naf had told Widman that only two students had signed up.

CCF Funding

A money motion approving $1,200 of funding for Whatcom’s Campus Christian Fellowship was amended and then voted on. The motion, which gave funding to students to help pay for the club’s trip to a fall camp in Lake Stevens, Wash., was approved.

Council president Brad Widman told the council before voting that it is legal to fund secular aspects of religious and political clubs with State money. Kris Baier, Director for Student Life, said he had a conversation with the State’s assistant attorney general about issues of church and state, and told the council it would be illegal to deny those funds, adding that “absolute neutrality” must be applied in such matters.

New Horizon computer

Horizon adviser Toby Sonneman spoke to the council again about funding for a new production computer for the Horizon. A money motion towards the computer was then voted on by the council, passing unanimously.

“Late Nights” funding approved

Funding for this school year’s “Late Nights at the Library,” which features later library hours and baked goods for studying students at the end of each quarter, was approved by the council. The $600 money motion passed unanimously.

Trivia Bee funding

Council member Michael Swift talked to the council about approving a money motion of $60 to enter two ASWCC teams in the Communication Club’s Nov. 3 trivia bee.

Council member Katie Ann Plick commented that she didn’t think constituents would approve of the council spending money on themselves. The motion was voted on and did pass, with 5 nays and 3 abstained votes.

Nov. 4

Smooth Transition
Robin Bailey, Turning Point coordinator and career planning instructor for Whatcom, requested that a transition club be made and recognized as an official club of Whatcom.  The club will support those who are in transitional learning, or have graduated from the program.  Bailey plans to have club meetings on Wednesday mornings from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.  The motion was passed and all were in favor, so the club is now official.

Veterans Day BBQ
The Activities Committee requested $2,000 to fund a barbeque in honor of Veterans Day.  The barbeque will include hamburgers and veggie burgers available for everyone on campus, and the burgers will be given out for free.  A motion was passed to grant the committee $2,000, and the motion was voted on and passed.

Chris Scrimsher reported on the current status of Whatcom’s fall sports teams.  Women’s soccer is currently in fourth place in the NWAACC’s North Region.  The men’s soccer team is in second place, and is headed to the playoffs.  Volleyball is in first place, and also headed to the postseason.

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