B-I-B-L-E not the book for everybody

by Kelsey Rowlson

Horizon Reporter

“Would you like a Bible?”

This sentence was frequently used on Whatcom Community College’s campus on Wednesday Nov. 3.  Men who are in association with Gideons Bibles, bibles that you will find in motels and hotels, were busy passing out Bibles to college students.

Wayne Youngquist, one of the men who was passing out Bibles today, said that last year alone, 79 million Gideons Bibles were given out around the world.

When asked if he thought passing Bible’s out on a college campus was controversial, Youngquist said, “I’d say it runs 99 to 1.  Most people are pleasant.”

But is that the case?

“I thought it was kind of weird,” said student Nicole Afable.  She continued by saying that “it’s a nice way to reach out to people, but it’s kind of weird to do on campus.”

Student Christian Bruehler agrees.  “Why are [they] trying to shove this down people’s throats?”

Mathew Donna, also a Whatcom student, disagrees though.  “I think it’s fine.  There shouldn’t be a problem with it.”

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