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If you were to make a movie about your life, who would play you and why?

 “I’d like to think it would be someone better-looking and far more talented. I want to say I’d like to go for a “Fight Club” [version of] Brad Pitt. The key to mine is that it would start with beautiful manliness transitioning into a more philosophical self. It would be a better version of me the whole way through.”

Phil Tatman, 21



“I’d like to be taller. Hugh Jackman would be nice. I’ve always had a thing for him.”


Alex Bigelow, 19



“I’d say Jessica Alba; I liked her in “Good Luck Chuck” because I am kind of a klutzy person.”

 Ashley Garver, 18


“Mine would have to be Will Smith because my life rocks, or Hilary Swank, she is my ultimate favorite, she would fit my life.”

 Jordan Donahue, 18



“Marilyn Monroe, because I think she’s amazing, she is all over my room.”

 Katie Fugate, 20


“I would say Jackie Chan because he’s a really good martial artist, and he would look really good in drag.”

 Ashley Cassidy, 23




“Mark Twain because he would reflect the meaning of life and laugh while he is suffering.”

                                                                                                                        Fred Tabor, 57

“I’d probably say Adam Sandler, because of the same funny attitude, same outlook on life, hard work pays off but also keeping it real, can’t take it too seriously.”

 Michael Grandell, 40

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