The week at Whatcom

Orca Day tunes provided by, “The Crafty Bastards.”

Students could get a free portrait of themselves in Syre!

Sumo wrestling suits were provided for those looking for a challenge… and some fun.

Free Burgers! Including veggie burgers for our vegitarian friends.

Yes, kids are welcome at Orca Day too. Ellis  Tschoepe, 4, and sister Iris, 1, enjoy free ice cream povided by the student council ASWCC.

Father and daughter take a seat to enjoy the show.

One Whatcom student shows off her hoola hooping moves in the courtyard!

Is that Emily!?! Why yes, the Horizon editor herself enjoying free cotton candy.

Free tee-shirt tye-dying!

“The Crafty Bastards” at work!

The oh so popular tye-dying table

A blow up bungy race!

The inflatable boxing ring was a huge hit! No pun intended.

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