Whatcom welcomes Widman

by Kelly Sullivan

Horizon Reporter

As representative at large for the student council, Brad Widman is usually seated three chairs down to the left of the head of the massive wood table in the meeting room in Syre 216. Next year, however, as the new the Associated Student’s president he will sit at the head of the table.

“He’s been a really wonderful person to work with because he’s really dedicated to what he believes in. “He is a good servant to all students on campus,” said Kris Baier, primary advisor for ASWCC executive and general council. “He is open and easy to talk to.”

“This year we’re coming off of some great leadership” said Widman.

One of Widman’s goals is to further connect the student council with the student body. General members said many students are unaware that the council exists, or that the weekly meetings are open for public attendance and feedback.

This year Widman has been “one of the most active members about going out and talking to his constituents,” said current president, Danielle Way.

Widman said he has found one of the most effective ways of strengthening this connection between the student body and student government is physically talking to people.

“If they talk to us, things can happen,” he said.

“He has integrity,” said Way. “If there’s ever something he needs to get done on time, he will get it done, no doubt. One hundred percent of the time.”

If there is enough student support, Widman believes a big asset to the campus would be further developing the fitness center in the Pavilion. Widman described Whatcom as a “commuter college” where students come and stay only for classes.

He said an improved physical fitness center will inspire students to stay after class and use Whatcom’s gym instead of their own, where they can go with their friends from campus. If they have somewhere to go, Widman said, students will want to stay longer, make the college more of a home.

Widman is also encouraging the establishment of more clubs next year.

“I love when more clubs happen,” he said. “Each new club is another group of students working together.” Whatcom recognized many new clubs this year. More clubs mean more activities for students to get involved on campus.

Widman was home schooled through middle school, and then took classes at ZLO, a private Co-op school. He loves outdoor activities such as mountain biking, skiing, and hiking. He is currently finishing up soccer season and enjoys volunteering at the Lighthouse Mission, the homeless shelter down town.

What does he plan to study? “That is what I am supposed to be figuring out they tell me,” Widman said, with a laugh. He is looking at the sciences, possibly biology or something in the medical field.

This year was Widman’s first year at Whatcom as a Running Start student. In fall quarter he was a general member on the student council. He decided to run for representative at large after the position opened last winter quarter.

“Representative at large serves as the primary liaison (spokes person) between all members of council and the executive members, Widman said. They also assist helping the committee chairs with needed tasks.”

Other executives encouraged him to run because it was a good way to get more involved in the school and gain some leadership experience. He saw it as a way to benefit not just himself but the 7,000 students that come and go at Whatcom each year.

Kris Baier said he sees natural leadership abilities in Widman. “He is able to anticipate items efficiently to make decisions that will be best for all students on campus.”

“I think WCC is really lucky to have the quality person that Brad is,” said Baier.

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