Trivia Bee

By Jorge Cantu

Horizon Reporter

It is now the end of the quarter and with it comes finals, projects, and many other things due in class. However, the Communications Club and their advisor, Guy Smith, have been hard at work for most of the quarter to put on their big event, the annual trivia bee.

“There will be a much bigger turnout this year versus last year,” Smith said. “We are very excited, and I cannot tell you how many prizes we have.”

The trivia bee is built off of profits, meaning the money used to put on the event has come strictly from fundraising. Anyone can enter, and it consists of three-person teams. It costs $30 for a team to enter.

The club has four teams that were created to handle the different aspects of the event. The four teams consists of: a charity team, which is in charge of the food drive, an advertising team to make signs, a trivia team to come up with all of the questions, and a sponsorship team to get donations from the community.

“We just have so many prizes this year, some of them include DVDs, dinners, CDs, gas cards, ski lift tickets, etc,” Smith said. “I have boxes and boxes of free stuff that has been donated from various places around the community.”

Hana Kaneshige, who is part of the club, was sitting at a large table with all of the sign-up information for the trivia bee.

“Anyone is welcome to join to Communications Club,” she said. “It is a very good experience.”

Also, anyone can join the trivia bee. It consists of three-person teams, of whom students are welcome to join up with anybody to participate.

“The questions aren’t as difficult as last year either,” Kaneshige added.  “We worked on making them questions for the public, not just trivia fanatics.”

Since the event is run purely on profits, some leftover profits are used to help send students to communication conferences. Some of the places students have been sent to include Hawaii, Idaho, and Rochester New York, among others.

The trivia bee also ties into the food drive. If you donate one canned good item when you come, your admission fee for the event is $2 instead of the normal admission fee of $4.

“It is a way to get students to contribute more to the food drive,” Smith said.

With such an involvement from the community and the Communication club, it seems the event will be a big improvement over last year’s turnout. It will be held in the Syre Auditorium on December 9 from 5 to 7 p.m.

The Communications Club holds its meetings on Thursdays at 2:45p.m. in Heiner 104.

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