Open Court for New Sport

A new club and courts for pickleball.

The Associated Students of Whatcom Community College Pickleball Club held their first drop-in session as an officially chartered club on the new pickleball courts at Whatcom Community College Oct. 20. 

The courts were previously serving as the campus tennis courts. Students used to play pickleball there anyway.

“It was frustrating because tennis courts are bigger than pickleball courts so it was harder to play the games,” said club member April Biersdorff.

Student preparing to serve on pickleball court
Student preparing to serve on Whatcom Community College’s new pickleball courts. Photo by David Loudon.

When the badminton courts were overflowing in the spring, students were urged to play pickleball on the tennis courts instead. Student interest and enjoyment led to the creation of the club and the need to install proper courts.

The Bellingham Pickleball Club worked with Whatcom to raise funds and construction began during the summer break. 

“It is just wonderful,” said the faculty advisor to the club, Laura Carney, about students having access to a pickleball court. 

ASWCC Pickleball Club President Haopeng Ren noted that students can come and watch if they do not feel like playing. He wants to create a safe environment for students to engage with one another through the club.

“I want to make opportunities for students to make friends and interact with new people,” Ren said.

The drop-in hours for the ASWCC Pickleball Club are 4-5 p.m. on Thursdays.

3 thoughts on “Open Court for New Sport

  1. Pickleball is the sport of the proletariat?

    “Pickleball is mad fun. I play it with Engels all the time. Lowkey, super chill sport dude.” – Karl Marx

  2. Where do I go to sign up for pickleball? I am a 2.5-3.0 player and am a member of the Bellingham Pickleball Club

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