Escaping the virus: trails of Whatcom County

Throughout the past couple of weeks, trails and other outdoor areas have begun to reopen. Like most of us, I have been looking for a way to safely get out and experience something other than the inside of my home. A great place to check out to get some safe exercise is the Point Whitehorn Marine Reserve.

In order to make it easier to social distance, its often a good idea to try to go out during times when you will encounter fewer people, such as earlier in the day, or during slightly worse weather.

One thing to keep in mind when planning an outing right now is to make sure that the trail or wildlife area you plan to visit is open. Not everything is open, especially trails in higher elevations, due to snow or road closures. Many of the trails and roads that are closed need work and pretty most work crews have been postponed, so it might be a while before people go up to work on them.

This trail also isn’t perfect. At the end of the trail, right as you reach the beach, the bottom of the stairs leading down washed out at some point so you have to carefully step on some nearby rocks to get down.

Another important thing to note is pets are not allowed on the trail.

Every hiker that we encountered practiced proper social distancing on the trail, which was pretty easy as the trail itself was wide enough to accommodate for it throughout most of the trail. Traffic on the trail was also very low, due to the rain.

Overall, the Point Whitehorn Marine Reserve is a great close place to go to for some social distancing recreation.

For great directions and a map to the location, check out the Washington Trails Associations page here:

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