Drop-in study help available to all

Student Success and Retention along with Pod Leaders and AIM held a study habits drop in workshop where students could ask for help at Whatcom Community College on earlier this month in Laidlaw Center. Student Success and Retention worked to help individuals.

“We had prepped our pod leaders to join in discussing everything like, different ways to study, but really whatever the student came in with,” said Alissa DeLaFuente, a student completion coach.

The study habits drop-in workshop had many methods to help students succeed in their current courses.

“We always have time management worksheets, a weekly grid,
planners, and a syllabus analysis worksheet that we can go through,” said DeLaFuente.

Whatcom offers College Success courses that are designed for students that are new to the college environment. Learning to optimize your reading and note taking skills along with planning your study time, can all help you succeed.

“We really have lots of different options for students,” said DeLaFuente. Each student is helped with whatever they need, everything is individualized to help students succeed through academic coaching or peer mentoring, said DeLaFuente.

Alissa DeLaFuente, a student completion coach, says the Student Success and Retention Office is ready to help any students who need a little boost.

Each student is different, and the Student Success and Retention Office works to help each student academically thrive by using a variety of methods.

“Sometimes it’s helping the students to prioritize, or sometimes the students already know how to prioritize,” DeLaFuente said. DeLaFuente said she emails “students who received an early alert about students who had been flagged by their instructors as having struggled in this quarter” and invites them to attend the study workshops, along with students who are on academic warning, probation, or suspension.

However, she said all students are welcome to attend. Student Success and Retention staff plan to continue holding drop-in study workshops at “around week four of each quarter,” said DeLaFuente. Student Success and Retention helps a variety of students succeed academically and they provide individual help to students who need it.”

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