ASWCC welcomes new executive council

By Madison Roper

The Associated Students of Whatcom Community College Student Government held an end of year report and first ever succession ceremony for the ASWCC Executive Council on June 3.
The ASWCC Executive Council will be almost entirely new in fall quarter.
The only role not being passed down is Vice President for Clubs. The role will be held by Surabhi Subedi, who has been in office since fall 2018.
“I loved working with clubs so much that I’m returning,” said Subedi.
Subedi, an international student from Nepal, became a Whatcom student in summer 2018.
“In summer quarter, nothing was active. I wanted to be involved in clubs, I had researched about the clubs when I knew I was coming to this school.”
According to Subedi, the Vice President for Clubs before her, had resigned from the position.
“The application was open, and I was nervous. I didn’t know anything about school or clubs. But I knew if I was given the opportunity, I would grow and learn,” said Subedi.
“I’ve always been involved in community. From a very young age, I’ve wanted to do something in the community. I always wanted to be involved.”
According to Subedi, there were 30 clubs when she joined the council. There are currently 40 clubs on campus.
Subedi figured there are a minimum of “200 students who are engaged actively.”
One role that was handed down was Vice President for Campus Advocacy.
For the 2018-2019 school year, Julie Connell held this role. She was recommended to apply for the position by Director for Student Life and Development, Heidi Farani.
As Vice President for Campus Advocacy, Connell went in with an objective.
When Connell came to Whatcom, she came in expecting to find a student garden.
“When I started school here, I said ‘where’s the garden, who do I talk to’ and they said ‘there isn’t one,’” said Connell, “so, for two and a half years, I’ve been trying to get a garden here.”
The garden is not on campus, but is located “at the very end of Cordata, at the Cordata Neighborhood Community Garden.”
There are currently two 4’x16’ plots in Whatcom’s name. The first harvest from the garden will be June 7.
Connell also ran the Orca Pantry and was Chair of the ASWCC Social Justice Committee.
On speaking of the new executive council, Connell said “I hope that we set them up to succeed.”
The succession ceremony was made so previous council members could pass down legacies, a kind of template to help the new group.
Council members had not received help in the beginning of the role like this before.
“I’m really looking forward to meeting these people and work as a new team. It just becomes a family,” said Subedi.

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