Film club expands its focus

By Sydney Mitchell

In the past, film club only focused on filmmaking, but this year Noah Pierce, this quarter’s club president, wanted to introduce a new concept in order to draw in a larger variety of students.

Pierce said, “Two teams to devote to two types of projects.”

The film club will alternate the new subgroups between two weeks.

In no particular order, the club will use one week to make films, and the following week will be used to introduce Film Appreciation.

Alden Nagel, president of Film Appreciation, and his vice president is Madison Roper.

Nagel started Film Appreciation due to his interest and appreciation for cinema. He tends to diverge from mainstream directors, preferring films written by a diverse group of writers, such as people in the LGBTQ+ community, and women.

Nagel is passionate about film because he believes that it’s, “the highest tangible form of social change and has the most affect in the mass.”

The club is getting discounted movie tickets, on planned dates, to see new films in neighboring theaters.

The films will be short, so that the club members are able to openly discuss their views and opinions on the film.

Noah Pierce has been involved in the club for the past two years. Pierce is now the president of the Filmmaking component, and his vice president is Kenny Mendez.

Nagel and Pierce work together in tandem as co-presidents, bringing their respective topics together.

The filmmaking portion is currently working on a film from last year and they plan to keep it going with this years’ group.

Pierce wants to “keep everyone working consistently on a project.” In order to do that the film clubs projects will be as long as the quarter. This allows old and new members to able to contribute their ideas for new projects.

Mendez said, “We want to try and give everyone a chance to do what they want to do.” The members pick what jobs they want for the film, but if certain jobs aren’t filled, they will be assigned.

The club has a grant that will be divided up between the two parts of the group, but the filmmaking part will self-fund if needed.

Mendez says he wants the club to be a “beacon for likeminded individuals.”

The leaders plan to attend film classes, and spread the word through the class and posters.

Pierce says, “This year we are looking for more membership and interaction between members.”

The club meets from 2-5 p.m. on Fridays, in Syre 104.

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