Winter club fair highlights new offerings

By Eva Mo

The winter club fair, held on Jan. 26 at Syre Student Center, showcased 31 of the 36 active clubs on campus.

Alejandra Hobi, ASWCC Director for Club Events, organized and ran the event.

“I am really excited about clubs and especially about the Winter Club Fair,” Hobi said. “We have a record number of clubs at here right now and that is very exciting.”

Each quarter, the Associated Students of Whatcom Community College holds the Fair for clubs to get out into the public and recruit new members.

There are five different categories of clubs, educational:  educational, gaming, creative, sport, and cultural.

When it comes to educational clubs, there is no shortage. Students can join Anthropology Club, Business Club, Criminal Justice Club, Engineering Club, Phi Theta Kappa, Programming, Rocketry and Propulsion Society, STEM Club (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Sustainability Club, IT Pros, WiCYs, AWSEM (Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics), SNOW (Student Nurses of Whatcom), and Impact club.

For students to relax and enjoy themselves, WCC has the Gaming club and PUBG club. PUBG is a mobile version of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, a survival shooting game.

If students are looking for more creative options, they should check out Art club, Improv Club, Photography Club, and a new Film Club.

Active students might look into join Hiking Club, Racket Sports Club, and Badminton Club.

Since Whatcom is diverse, there are a lot of cultural clubs. These clubs include Black Student Association, Pride Club, Campus Christian Fellowship, Latinx Leadership Club, Muslim Student Association, Native Indigenous Student Association, Indo Club, Japanese Club, Spanish Club, Vietnamese Club, Chinese Student Association, and a new Russian Club.

“My goal for this quarter is to help as many clubs as I can during the planning of their events and see a lot of clubs’ movement across campus.” Said Hobi.

One of the newest clubs on campus is Mon-day club, which focuses on students with disabilities, to help those students enjoy their social life on campus.

The co-vice presidents of Mon-day club, Lucas Anderson and Rebecca Shimko are working hard together to start the club.

“We realized that there wasn’t a club to represent the group of disability students on campus,” Anderson said. “We wanted to have more ability to advocate, and then also support the students that have disabilities and then also raise awareness.”

Shimko also said the purpose of the club is to help students with disabilities to acclimated to college life, and socialize.

The co-vice presidents started the club this quarter, and they are still struggling with planning events and meeting times.

“Our club is still developing more and more,” said Anderson, who is planning to post on Whatcom’s website when they finalize meeting days and the time.

“Everybody can attend the club event,” Shimko said. “We are hoping to bring more awareness to un-disabled students about all the types of disabilities and how to recognize and help people.”

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