Senate Notes 9/30/16


New Business:


Funding Request: The Intercultural Center requested $1850 to send 10 students to the Ethnic Center Conference on Indigenous Day (Monday October 12th) 9-12pm.


The Motion: Passed (Executive Board 6-0-0) (Senators: 11-0-0)


There is a new checkout system for Student Life Equipment




  • Security Cameras: implement security cameras at any scale to improve safety.
  • Night Study Spaces: providing a room that would be open later than 9pm and open for weekends for students to study.
  • Student Food Bank & Student Care Center: try to expand this service to include things such as toiletries and other basic necessities.
  • Student Reflection Room: A safe, quiet space for prayer and meditation. Students would be able to check out this space.


Organizational Improvements


  • ASWCC Town Hall: ASWCC wants to pass an alternative system to the Student Senate called ORCA Town Hall, which would be an informative session that would be the basis for student discussion on voting items and initiatives.

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