Club renaissance includes Foam Wars and Art

By Kara Veldman

New clubs are always emerging at Whatcom Community College. The three newest clubs are: Foam Wars, The Guild, and the Artist Club.

Foam Wars is led by Henry Banks, 17. “I used to do a lot of foam wars and sword fighting with some of my friends two or three years ago,” Banks said. “Quite a few us ended up at Whatcom and we thought we would try and get a club going revolving around sword fighting.”

Banks has been at Whatcom since fall quarter filling out high school requirements. He has been doing sword fighting for four years and hopes to continue wherever he goes. The club consists of an average of six people. They spend most of their time fighting with the swords or organizing games.

“The club is pretty much just to have fun, and to get as many people as possible,” Banks said. There is no experience required, but in order to participate in the foam wars one would have to fill out a hold harmless form, which is a contract between two parties designed to release one or both parties from legal claims, “because it is a contact sport.”

Banks always has extra forms on hand for any newcomers. The club meets on Thursdays 3:00-4:30 in front of Kulshan Hall, rain or shine.

Jake Zender, 20, is a member of Foam Wars. “It is a lot of fun, and a good amount of skill goes into it,” Banks said. “The club is very welcoming, it’s good exercise, and there are never any bad attitudes.”

The Guild is a game club started by Richard Weisberg, 23. “I went to the winter quarter club fair and to my surprise there wasn’t a club for board games,” Weisberg said. “I figured, might as well make my own, because I’m sure there are people who like the same things as me.”

Weisberg attended Whatcom for a couple years before deciding to join the Navy. It was there that he got into board games.

“It was something to do, something I enjoyed. Everyone can mutually hate each other for a little while and its okay.”

While he was in the Navy he developed a desire to get a degree. He is finishing his associate’s degree at Whatcom before transferring to Western Washington University summer quarter to double major in history and political science, hoping to become a history professor one day. During club meetings the members get together and play a variety of board games and card games.

“This club is pretty laissez faire. We’re just trying to have a good time in the midst of cranking out homework throughout the week,” he said. Weisberg is still searching for an advisor, and is hoping to get a set schedule up soon.

The Artist Club was recently started by Qing He (Fiona), 18. During winter quarter she gave presentations in art and ESL classes promoting starting an art club. There are now 20 people signed up. Fiona was an art student in high school, and she has been learning art for many years.

“I want to enhance my art abilities and help others,” she said. “Many people are interested in art.” Anybody is welcome. “There are many members who can draw very well, and are willing to teach others.”

It will be decided in the first meeting what people are wanting to do each week. It is her hope that they will have a lot of varying activities. Fiona is planning on starting her club spring quarter. It will be held on Tuesday’s from 4:00- 5:00 pm.

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