Unfair assumption could cost canine lives

By Anna Browne

Photo by Shaylee Vigil
Photo by Shaylee Vigil

Discrimination does not focus solely on the human species; it is also found in relationships between humans and animals.

One of those victims is the dog breed American Pitbull Terrier, often accused of being monsters with bad temperaments and unnecessary aggression. This ignorant assumption has become so widespread that they are being ruthlessly murdered without a second thought.

In cities across the nation, such as Denver, Cleveland and Miami, society has placed bans on the possession of a pitbull or another dog that has a pitbull-like appearance. If one is found, even if they aren’t harming anyone or engaging in aggressive behavior, they can be killed on the spot.

Pitbulls were used as fighting dogs in the past and were bred for this purpose as a form of entertainment. Their unexpected aggressive temperament in stressful situations led people to believe they were naturally violent and angry, not that they were bred to behave this way. People overlook the fact that the dogs can be aggressive without reason because that’s how they were raised.

A common misconception is that pitbulls can be raised in a loving home and still be dangerous because the aggression is in their genes. A pitbull is not inherently violent — say thousands of owners of the breed.

Pitbulls are given a bad reputation, but they didn’t earn it. The people who raised and bred them to become violent deserve to shoulder this reputation, and yet the dogs are still considered responsible. Why?

An animal will kill or attack if they feel that their life is in danger; it’s a simple fact that humans also live by.

While society can’t control all the violent dog breeders and owners, instead of making a blatant ban against a breed, they should make a ban against the owners raising dogs to be fighters. The way a pitbull is raised to be a fighting dog is disgusting.

A violent upbringing is what causes the dangerous nature, as that is how these dogs are trained to act.

The observance of ignorance involved in the banning of pitbulls is a fact, not a remark or insult. If people want to ensure the safety of themselves and society, that’s perfectly reasonable and understandable. But it isn’t fair to accuse pitbulls of something they aren’t responsible for.

If society wants to ban pit bulls, a full and thorough investigation as to why pitbull terriers are so aggressive needs to take place. It has never been the breed’s fault; the responsibility is solely on the owner. The ban should not be on a type of dog but rather the ways in which the dog is bred.

A breed should not be murdered based on loose facts, but rather protected from the violent breeders and owners.


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